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Technology Partners for International Development

The multi-dimensional issues facing the poorest and most vulnerable throughout the world demand our attention - food insecurity, illiteracy, conflict, economic instability. We believe implementing thoughtful technological strategies can help our international development partners make better decisions, improve their processes and lead to more sustainable results.
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Responsible Data: Platform vs Data

We get asked a lot at Sonjara "which platform should I use?"

The answer is the one that is optimized for your specific problem and audience, and where the data can be reused after the platform is retired.

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Responsible Data: Sustainability of ICTs

Coming up with realistic expectations for sustainability for any ICT4D project is critical, especially knowing that our industry, (like most others) have headwinds against transferal to local partners. I offer  four definitions of sustainability that can be used baseline expectations for sustainable ICT4D projects. 

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Our Products

Sonjara, through years of experience in developing applications, has created a flexible, open source developers' framework that allows users to put together custom applications very rapidly and with a high level of quality. www.fakoli.org

Griot is Sonjara's business management tool designed for small-to-medium businesses doing business with the U.S. Government on a project basis. It was designed to raise the level of efficiency in project and business management processes. www.griot.us

Sonjara was one of the winners of the 2012 USAID Hack for Hunger, with its digitization of the USAID funded and HKI designed Food Frequency Method. This paper based household survey tool measures risk of vitamin A deficiency by measuring children's frequency of eating certain foods. Sonjara created an online version in under 36 hours, pulling in open data from the World Bank and WHO. www.foodfrequencyonline.org

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